Dave Saunders

Better Bookmarks

A smarter way to manage bookmarks in Chrome

Tags, not folders

No more putting things into folders and then losing them forever!

Add tags to bookmarks instead.

Sometimes, you might want to bookmark a page for multiple reasons. With traditional bookmarks, you would have to store that bookmark in multiple folders.

Now, just add multiple tags instead.

Bookmark snippets of text

Like Kindle snippets for the web

Highlight some text, right click and bookmark the snippet.

Snippets are tagged and searchable exactly like bookmarks. The snippet is even shown in the search result

Find bookmarks quicky

Click the icon in the extension toolbar, or press ALT + B to open the bookmark tab

Start typing immediately to search bookmarks by tag, URL, title or by the text in a snippet

Once you find the right bookmark, TAB across to the result and press ENTER to open it. No mouse needed!

Alternatively, browse by tag. Tags anywhere on the page are clickable, so you can navigate around and find related bookmarks easily